Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A month later....

I'm alive!  I have internet!!  I also have some amazingly generous and patient co-workers, both FSOs and LES.  (Dad, that's foreign service officers, the US staff, and the Locally Engaged Staff, the Nicaraguans that work at the embassy).  I'm finally starting to feel a little less lost; the more time I spend at the window interviewing visa applicants, it becomes a lot more mundane.  I'm not really planning on blogging about my job that much though; this will be more about our lives in Nicaragua.  All I'll say is that I am learning more, and enjoying my work.  Not bad, right?

Outside of work, things are going well.  We're still without our household stuff and the Jeep, but we're doing pretty well: the welcome kit had everything we really needed, and folks have been generous with their time and vehicles whenever I need to go shopping.  There's a shuttle that takes me to and from work, and the Mini-Menace has his own school shuttle.  And while this may come as no surprise to anyone who's had the misfortune to experience my housekeeping skills, I've adjusted QUITE well to having a housekeeper.  She cooks! She cleans!  She does the laundry!  She does small grocery shopping!!  I love coming home to a clean house and being able to spend quality time with the MM without doing laundry or cooking his dinner, or trying to stay on top of the cleaning. 

We've only done one small day trip, to Granada, with friends.  Once we have the Jeep, expect more posts about our adventures.  Next up, though?  I--vegetarian since 18--will be attempting to cook a turkey breast for my son and 2 Peace Corps Volunteers that we're hosting for Thanksgiving. 

Let's hope they all survive. 

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