Monday, April 11, 2011

OMG, what have I done????

Bid list submitted a few minutes ago.  Let the freak-out commence!!!  What, you thought I knew what I was doing??  Top factors were working in my cone, getting off language probation, and (hopefully) security & quality of the Mini-Menace's education.  I think I had a pretty decent mix of highs, mediums, and lows, so I'm hopeful that I'll be assigned a high or medium-rated post.  My absolute top choice isn't, I think, a terribly desirable post, so I'd like to think I stand a pretty decent chance of getting it; but I could be completely wrong.  Sadly for the Mini-Menace, the Bahamas were (was?  singular or plural?  My brain is fried!) not on the list, so he started lobbying for Tijuana.  Why?  Proximity to Legoland.  I wish my decisions were that easy.

Also from this weekend, another entry in the annals of Red Menace High Quality Parenting: letting my son listen to Cee-Lo Green.  Think that's balanced out by watching The Bad News Bears?  You might think so, except for having to explain that Walter Matthau was a drunk and that "Blow it out your bunghole!" should not be repeated at school.

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  1. Good luck with the bid list!

    We let our Muffin listen to Cee-Lo, but right now she's too young to know it's anything more than just a catchy tune.