Friday, April 29, 2011

Just in case you can't read the fine print on the flag.....

I'm headed to Nicaragua!!!!!!  WOOHOOO!!!  I was totally surprised--I had actually expressed a strong preference for a Mexican border post and thought I stood a pretty good chance (but not a guarantee) of getting it.  I mean, who the heck WANTS to go to Nogales?  But, once the shock wore off, I realized that I was still lucky enough to get one of my high bids, in one of the safest countries in Central America, where I'll get to work in my cone and get my language requirement out of the way.  Plus, the school there for the Mini-Menace is fantastic!  Oh, and the coffee??  SO EXCITED! I'll be leaving a little earlier than I had hoped (late October), but honestly, I really have nothing to complain about.  The more I think about it, the more excited I get.  Plus, I'm a lot more likely to get visitors in Managua than anywhere on the Mexican border...

The Mini-Menace, who had specifically requested Tijuana (proximity to LegoLand), took the news quite well.  I think the promise of surfing lessons might have had something to do with it.  Look, bribery is a perfectly acceptable parenting technique, right?

Diplochick, I'm still coming to see you in Chennai.  Count on it!!

My parents came to town for Flag Day and were really fascinated by the whole experience.  It's a total blur to me right now, but all in all, I am very happy with my assignment and am so happy for all my classmates.  Way to go, 160th!!!!


  1. Nicaragua vies with Guatemala for my favorite country in Central America. It has EVERYTHING -- amazing beaches, mountains, colonial towns, great food (the refried beans are incredible there) and spectacularly friendly. The only problem is that they speak an INCOMPREHENSIBLE dialect of Spanish. But you get to live in Nicaragua, so who cares? Enjoy it!
    Take care,
    (A fellow foreign service blogger, currently in western Afghanistan --

  2. woot woot! So excited for you!

  3. Congratulations! Nicaragua sounds wonderful. I'll remember the LegoLand proximity lollipop for my two little menaces if I happen to bid on TJ. :)

  4. Woo hoo!!! You can visit all the neighboring countries.

  5. Awesome! So glad you got one of your high bids!!!

  6. So proud of you, Red Menace! I can't wait to come visit!!!

  7. Congrats! We're here now and really like it. I'm more than happy to help if you have any questions. And if you want to learn to surf, this is the place to do it.