Sunday, March 13, 2011

The waiting is KILLING me!!!

The reason I haven't posted in a while is because I really, truly have nothing new to report.  Two weeks--14 of the slowest, most torturous days ever known--left before I start training at the new job.  Unlike a lot of my future 160th A-100 classmates, I'm already local, so there won't be any packout drama or TDY issues until I'm actually ready to head to post.  I probably ought to be starting to sort through my belongings and try to decide what, if anything, will go to storage, what will go in the HHE shipment, and what will go in the UAB shipment.  I just can't bring myself to start, though.  I could be here for another year before I go anywhere, so why start stressing about it now? 

I'm dying to start training though, and get the bid list.  That's the list of countries / jobs that are available for my class.  Unlike packout, this is one subject I can't stop thinking about.  Where do I want to go?  Pretty much anywhere.  On one hand, I wouldn't mind Mexico or another Spanish-speaking I can actually put my Spanish to use.  Then again, I'd love to learn Arabic or Mandarin.  I like Mexico, in particular, since it's close enough that my family, and the Mini Menace's dad / family can visit easily--the Mini Menace's uncle owns a condo in Puerto Vallarta.  I'd even consider Nogales, but that's strictly for personal reasons and the personal reason in question may be relocating to another Western / Rockies state, but still, that's closer than, oh, say....Africa.   Leaving Mexico aside, I'd be happy with Poland (family), almost anywhere in Africa, Asia.....

Hmm.  I'm not really doing such a good job of narrowing down my list, am I?  Guess I just have to wait and see what's actually ON the list before I get myself too worked up.


  1. Nogales is great! If it's on your list I would highly recommend it, although based on the fact that you already speak Spanish I would guess that it probably won't be since I don't think anyone is leaving here for another year or so. I hear only good things about most other places in Mexico, except Juarez and Matamoros. The work here is fascinating, my husband always comes home with crazy amazing stories.