Tuesday, February 1, 2011

T-minus two months and counting...

I suspect the posts are going to be fairly scant over the next two months; I won't start A-100 until March 28th, but--being the conscientous and dedicated employee that I am--I've already given notice at my current job.   The reactions have been pretty funny--some folks are calling up to see if I've been fired, to congratulate me on getting the hell out, or to just see what the general scoop / gossip is behind my departure.  Things at the office are especially insane these days: the transition to a new organizational / management structure has been very difficult for the team, and as one of the managers, it's been hard for me to keep my team's spirits up when I'm personally so demoralized by the atmosphere.  On top of all that, my dear, dear friend--who happens to be the Chief of my section--went into labor today and will be out on maternity leave until June.  So, now I get to be the Acting Chief until I leave at the end of March, deal with our budget drama, and hire my replacement.  Stress much?  Nah. Thank god I've got an exit plan!!  I hate to leave the team at a time like this, but there was no way I'd pass up the chance to join the Foreign Service.  Sorry, guys.

I'm glad to report, though, that the Mini Menace seems to have accepted the inevitable.  He's gone from the "You're ruining my life!!!" stage to the "We're bringing my Wii, right?" stage.  That's progress in my book.

So, don't expect much for now, folks.  Once training starts in 2 months, you'll be sick of hearing from me.  Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

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