Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adventures in Parentsitting

Yes, I *am* referencing an old Elizabeth Shue movie, thank you very much. 

My parents came to visit for Semana Santa; I was lucky enough to be able to take about a week and a half off work to hang out with them...not parent-sitting at all.  Actually, I didn't even have to use that much annual leave, because Holy Thursday and Good Friday are Nicaraguan holidays, and since the Embassy observes U.S. federal and local host nation holidays, I had two free days off.  Score!!!

This trip was a big deal for both my parents; I don't think either one had been to a country that doesn't speak English as its primary language.  In fact, I know my mother had to get a passport for this trip (she'd been to Canada years ago, before passports were required).  At any rate, I took advantage of the VIP Lounge at the airport....for a fee, someone meets you as you disembark and escorts you to a lovely lounge with free food, drinks, comfortable couches, and flat-screen TVs.  You wait while someone takes your passport and immigration forms, gets everything stamped, gets your visa, and picks up your luggage.  Once they have everything, they come get you from the lounge and you're on your way!  It worked really well, I thought, especially for folks who may not have a lot of experience with international travel or who don't speak the language. 

I didn't really give my parents much time to rest....they arrived at 9pm one night, and we were off with a guide and driver at 8:30 the next morning.  On our first day, we went to the Masaya volcano, craft market, "real" market, and the Catarina viewpoint that overlooks Laguna de Apoyo.

At the Volcan de Masaya

It was much easier on the way back down...

Hammock-weaving, in action.

I broke down and ordered myself a custom hammock.  It's really for the Mini-Menace, in his favorite color, with both our names woven in on the fringe on either side.  It only took a week to finish--I haven't seen it yet, I have to go get it and then get myself a hammock stand; unfortunately, as awesome as my house is, there really isn't a decent place to hang a hammock--the trees are too far apart, and there's no decent place to sink hooks into the walls.  I'm not letting that stop me, though.....I plan to exploit that hammock to the fullest!

Next post:  Day 2: Pottery, Granada, Ziplining, and a monkey in my lap.  Stay tuned, folks!!

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