Friday, September 9, 2011

Short, but sweet!

1.   It's official!!  I've now hit the trifecta of U.S. passports: personal (blue), official (maroon), and, most exciting: diplomatic (black!)  Woo hoo!!!

2.  Apparently, Mother Nature wants to destroy any car I own....yet ANOTHER flash flood in my 'hood.  This was taken in my driveway last night; the water was well above my knees.  Thankfully, the Mini Menace saw the rising waters and warned me that I needed to save "his" Jeep.

3.  No photos, but in other exciting news, I passed my Spanish exam!!!!   Started ConGen yesterday and am already joking that after 11 years of working with the INA, I am going to have a hard time restraining myself from correcting my instructors on the vagaries of immigration law. 

Roughly 7 weeks to go!!!!!!

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